Casing Running Services


The introduction of the CRT-350 (Casing Running Tool) revolutionized the way Casing is run in today’s oil and gas industry.

Primarily used on land rigs and smaller offshore drilling facilities, the CRT-350 combines the functionality of field-proven tools such as the Top Drive, Flush Mounted Spider (FMS), Fill and Circulation Tool, and Single Joint Elevator (SJH) making operations safer, faster, and more efficient.

The CRT-350 connects directly to the Top Drive main shaft allowing for hoisting and lowing of the Casing as well as connection spin-in and make-up. Additionally, while reciprocating and rotating the Casing string, the CRT-350 has the ability to fill-up and circulate up to 5,000 psi utilizing the OES proprietary Fill-Up and Circulation Tool incorporated as part of the CRT-350.


  • Eliminates stabbing-board operations which reduces the #1 cause of lost time while running Casing; less manual handling equates to fewer safety related hazards
  • Power Casing Tong operations have been removed allowing more work space around the well center on the rig floor; eliminates drill floor work platforms


  • Casing operations can be run with a reduced casing crew, or by the drilling contractors, minimizing stand-by cost associated with weather or problematic well conditions
  • The CRT integral compensator substantially reduces the risk of damage due to cross-threading. Utilizing the Top Drive to control make-up reduces thread damage during the complete make-up cycle

Well Improvements:

  • Assures that the casing can be set to the casing point with the ability of the CRT to fill, circulate, rotate, and reciprocate
  • Reduces the risk of differential wall sticking
  • Ability to pressure test

  • Less equipment required to rig up; the CRT contains the elevator, fill-up and circulating tool, and the compensator in one assembly
  • The operator determines and controls the running/tripping speed
  • When running mixed strings, hardware components can be changed out within minutes through the twist lock design and insert carrier/slip design