Drive Hammers


Re-claim abandoned platform well slots

The Drive Pipe Whipstock is an economical tool for your Platform Slot Recoveries.

  • OES Whipstock has a smooth OD with no offset edges to allow shoe hang ups.
  • OES Cement Insert Shoe used in conjunction with the Whipstock provides as much 300% increased strength to the drive pipe shoe.
  • A Drive Pipe Whipstock allows for a larger well bore and a higher kick off point (60-80 feet below mud line)
  • This Whipstock does not require platform any modifications
  • Positive mating of Whipstock with Well Stub (per OES Drill Collar Guide String method as pictured)
  • Can be installed without welding or flame cutting
  • Does Not require Diver assistance
  • The Whipstock can be shipped worldwide, assembled and attached to the Drive Pipe Shoe.

Offshore Energy Services, Inc. has successfully installed 16” to 36” Sub-Mudline Drive Pipe Whipstocks in water depths from 10 to 1,035 feet.

DP Whitstock