Specialty Mud Tools


The Circulation & Flow Back Tool (CFT) for drill pipe was primarily designed to facilitate the management of drilling fluids during  circulation, flow back, and/or fill-up operation while running drill pipe or a liner string.  It is operated remotely and used in conjunction with auto-fill float equipment while running tight tolerance liners.  It helps to reduce surge pressure and allows for fluid management at the rig floor.

An ideal application is for use with top drive systems when it is desirable to circulate or take returns from drill pipe or tubing. The CFT allows for a temporary sealing connection to the pipe string without having to make a threaded connection. The CFT enables operation at the pressure rating of the seal and provides a means of reciprocating and rotating the pipe string when a threaded connection is made.

  • Makes up to top-drive.
  • Tool extends and retracts (pneumatically) over outer diameter of work string.
  • Eliminates costly time required to make a top-drive connection.
  • Reliable sealing technology for establishing circulation while tripping in or pumping out at hole.
  • Simple effective system for managing returns at rig floor.    

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