Casing Running Services


Offshore Energy Services, Inc. (OES), answering to the ever-changing tubular connection design, has continued to meet the market demand by upgrading our Hydraulic Power Tong fleet. 

We have multiple size and torque ranges available.  The tubular size ranges we are capable of handling are 36" through 4-1/2" with torques up to 150,000 ft./lbs. 

The fleet today consists of tongs capable of running both casing and drill pipe by merely changing the gripping heads. 

All tongs are compatible with our torque monitoring systems capable of providing our clients with a detailed run report of each make-up or break-out.

OES Track Tong System can be outfitted with various sizes of Casing and Drill Pipe Tongs for safe, efficient and remote-controlled operations.

Hydr Power Tong