Tubing Running Services

Inserts for CRA and Carbon Steel Tubulars / Die Technology

Offshore Energy Services, Inc. (OES) Tubing Division uses the minimal marking "grit face" technology for make-up and break-out of chrome tubulars.  The grit face material is composed of Tungsten Carbide.  The Tungsten Carbide particles are graded for size and shape and Nickel Chrome brazing material is applied in a vacuum furnace.  This prevents the creation of pits containing iron or steel which can contaminate the surface of Corrosive Resistant Alloy (CRA) tubulars causing rapid and premature corrosion failures.

The grit face die penetration follows the standard that defines 4.5% of wall thickness as a maximum allowable surface indentation for normal tubular gripping applications.  Typical indentations depths are within tolerance of API specifications for chrome tubulars.

Minimal marking grit applied tooth dies are used for chrome application and minimal marking pyramid tooth dies are used for carbon steel application in various Elevators and Spiders (FMS) sets.

Aluminum dies are also available for fiberglass and stainless steel applications with low make-up torques.