Laydown Services


Proven Technology that is consistently used as a safer and more efficient method for laying down and picking up tubular goods.

The OES Pickup and Laydown machines offers a variety of options to tubular handling.

We offer both truck-mounted as well as skid-mounted units for water Applications and can handle all tubulars up to 13 5/8" @ 88 lbs. per ft.

Optional equipment available: Polyurethane coated trough and attachments for delicate coatings.

Features of units:

  1. SAFER way of handling tubulars.
  2. Time savings to the customer.
  3. Minimizes thread wear and damage.

Uses of the Pickup & Laydown machines:

  1. When handling large amounts of tubulars.
  2. When running chrome or other delicate pipe coatings.
  3. To minimize the hazards associated with tubular handling.