Laydown Services


Proven technology that is consistently used as a safer and more efficient method for laying down and picking up tubular goods.

The OES Pickup and Laydown machines offers a variety of options to tubular handling.

We offer both truck-mounted as well as skid-mounted units for water applications and can handle all tubulars up to 13 5/8" @ 88 lbs. per ft.

Optional equipment available: Polyurethane coated trough and attachments for delicate coatings.

Features of units:

  1. SAFER way of handling tubulars.
  2. Time savings to the customer.
  3. Minimizes thread wear and damage.

Uses of the Pickup & Laydown machines:

  1. When handling large amounts of tubulars.
  2. When running chrome or other delicate pipe coatings.
  3. To minimize the hazards associated with tubular handling.

Hydraulic Catwalk Pick-Up / Laydown Unit:

  1. No anchor pole to rig in the mouse hole
  2. No cable, sheaves turning at high speeds on the floor
  3. No trough running in and out the rig floor
  4. No rigging up or down (trailer is self-contained)