Tubing Running Services


Offshore Energy Services, Inc. uses state-of-the-art torque turn technology computers with a sampling frequency capability of 120,000 data points per second and dump valve response of 0.35 milliseconds maximum. The torque turn program is a Microsoft Windows based software with numerous features including torque versus time, torque versus turn, torque versus turn versus time, etc.

Some of the program features include magnification of any graph section, after dump torque recorded and graphed, instant graph recall, cursor identification (ft-lb torque) of any data point along curve line, auto-save disk, load cell calibration and verification and system component failure recognition (electrical line/connection failures) self checking reliability program. The data saved on disk is downloadable and printable in tabular and graphical format for each connection.

The torque turn system, software and hardware, uses the latest laptop computer technology requiring 110V AC input with proven functionality, portability and performance.